Whataburger helps a student out

A student at a college in San Antonio really loves Whataburger, and the burger chain has returned the love.

Enrique Alcoreza, a junior and resident assistant at Trinity University, decorated the entire hall with handmade Whataburger signs and logos last year.

He said it was his way to welcome the students he was leading, and showing them his favorite thing about college life.

As a thank you, this year Whataburger returned the favor. The company decked out Alcoreza's room in the finest Whataburger swag available (and some things that were custom-made).

Alcoreza, from El Paso, says his favorite burger from Whataburger is the Green Chile Double. "They rarely have that burger in SA but always in El Paso. It's SO good," he says.

Check out the students Decor here!

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