Georgetown U gives full ride to gay Student

Seth Owen, who graduated high school valedictorian, had been admitted to the prestigious Georgetown University.  However he had just been through a situation with his parents. They had just tried to send him to a conversion therapy camp, and were unhappy that it "didn't work". His parents then gave him an ultimatum; Go back to the church that judges him and hates him because of who he is, or get kicked out of his parents home. Well, Seth who was accepted to Georgetown U needed his parents to help sign for Student Loans. After his biology teacher Jane Martin heard about what happened she sprang into action. 

“Earlier this year (after a year of attempted conversion therapy), Seth’s parents gave him an ultimatum. He would either continue to attend the church that outwardly attacked him and his sexual orientation or he would need to leave home. For his own well-being and safety, Seth chose the later [sic],” teacher Jane Martin wrote.

That’s when Martin stepped in, asking for the $20,000 to help put Owen through his first year.

“It’s Pride Month and rainbows abound around the world. Help me bring a rainbow in the midst of Seth’s storm,” she wrote.

Within 1 month, over 2,000 people raised more than $133,600 for Owen to go to school as over a thousand people shared the page.

“My dreams have come true because of you all,” Owen wrote on the page after learning the goal had been put.

KVUE has the full story here

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