Little League Car crash victim has terrible secret

Spectators in the stands of Goodall Park in Sanford, Maine watched as the car wheeled down the first base line, hooked right at home plate, and gunned for a metal fence leading into the parking lot. The front bumper was careening toward 68-year-old Douglas Parkhurst and a group of children. Parkhurst, a New York native and Vietnam veteran, moved the kids from the car’s path and attempted to close a gate to keep the sedan in the ballpark when he was struck, authorities told ABC 8.

However, the savior of this story has a dark past. In 2013 he confessed to the hit and run of a 4 year old that was hit and killed by his car, in 1968. Parkhurst, who admitted in 2013 he was behind the wheel of his 1962 Buick Special with his brother Lenny after a night of drinking, only came forward after the statute of limitations had run out the crime, The Post-Standard in Syracuse has reported. 

And now, in a Hollywood twist, Parkhurst has been killed saving children from a car.

“It feels it has made a full circle,” Ashby’s sister, Darlene Ashby McCann, told the Portland Press Herald. “Now I am relieved. I truly am. The same thing that happened to my sister happened to him. It made a complete circle. Now it is time to move on.”

Karma is real!

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