Naked Gunman still at Large in Nashville

     29-year-old Travis Reinking of Morton, Ill. is the target of a manhunt in Nashville over the night and into this morning. He is the man responsible for killing 3 people at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tenn.  He used an AR-15 type assault rifle and get this, was only dressed in a Green Wind Jacket during the tragedy. Witnesses say that he was seen fleeing the massacre and running to a nearby apartment where he put on a black pair of pants, and that was the last thing he was seen wearing. Police say that one pistol is still unaccounted for, which means he is probably armed and is definitely dangerous. 

    We do have one HERO to be thankful for from this. 29 year old James Shaw  was eating at the restaurant when the shooter came in. During a moment when the gun jammed, Shaw hit the shooter with a swivel door, and wrestled him to the ground, got the rifle away from him and threw it over the counter, and that's when Reinking took off. Many people are crediting Shaw for saving countless lives.

If you have any information please contact your local police or FBI

NPR has the full story here

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