Food for Fines starts at UT

The Food for Fines pilot program, through Parking and Transportation Services and Student Government, is collecting 40-ounce plastic jars of peanut butter to dismiss eligible parking citations.

This program gives students an inexpensive way to take care of parking fines and other citations on UT campus.  This is also a way to help build up the Campus Food Bank. Citations eligible for peanut butter donations must have been issued between August 16 and April 10 of the current academic school year. To pay off a $15 to $35 citation, a donation of two 40-ounce peanut butter jars is required, and to pay off a $75 citation three 40-ounce jars are required. Only one citation may be forgiven through Food for Fines.

Right now it is only peanut butter, because it works for both Vegan and Non Vegans but could possibly include more than that in the future. The Daily Texan has all the info you need right here


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