Former Cosby Show Actress Protests Cosby's Trial

Nicolle Rochelle, a 39 year old actress that appeared four times on the Cosby show was arrested for protesting Mr Cosby's Trial topless with the woman who have accused him of sexual misconduct written all over her body. She jumped the barricade and got within 80 feet of the former actor, before she was taken down by police and arrested for disorderly conduct.

"Rochelle belongs to Femen, an international feminist group whose name she had written on her torso in paint alongside the phrases “Women’s Lives Matter” and “Cosby Rapis[t]” and the names of more than 50 Cosby accusers. Femen leader Inna Shevchenko told the AP that Rochelle was defending the alleged victims and called her protest the group’s “contribution to the global revolt launched by #MeToo.”

The Washington Post has more information for you here


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