Unprecedented Move with North Korea


Out of the extreme news US President and Supreme leader of North Korea are slated to meet in the May to talk about many issues affecting the two country's.

News of the meeting was delivered by South Korean officials after talks with Mr Trump at the White House.

They passed a verbal message from Mr Kim, saying the North Korean leader was "committed to denuclearisation".

The North Korean leader is looking to accept a talk with the president of the USA and talk about how to make this relationship a fitting experience. Including the fact that North Korea has many sanctions on them, hopefully to be lifted after the talk that they have in May. In the past the North Korean leader had stopped testing missiles, but then resumed when they felt their demands were not being met.  As of right now, it is a hopeful sign of the future to come, but we will keep a close eye on everything that unfolds and let you know all the details when they come out. 

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