Here is your Oscar coverage for 2018

POP Looney: OSCARS Edition 03/02/2018

Whether you are a huge movie buff, just a passing fan or don't like any of them; Movies are a great part of life. The Oscars start off every year talking about the best movies of the year previous. This year was a little slower, and was hard to keep awake through but we did it, and have the winners for you.

Jordan Peele is one of the biggest discussions after the Oscars, winning best original screenplay for "Get Out"

Our favorite "Coco" won for best original song "Remember Me"

"The Shape of Water" came in and swept with Best picture award, Best original Score amongst others. 

"Blade Runner" won a few category's too including best costume design and Best visual Effects.

Congrats to everyone who won and got nominated! Click here for the full list of winners

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