Hundreds of Austin Students Walk out

Students Plan Walkout At Columbia University

Nearly 500 students from across Central Texas schools walked out yesterday in protest to the lack of gun reform. Dripping Springs Middle School says over 300 students participated and Clint Smalls in South Austin drew more than 100. Snapchat maps blew up with their stories and chants of protest. This goes with out saying but if our kids in school don't feel safe, I think there is something we have to do. The governor has asked the Dept of Education and Safety to propose different ideas to crack down on safety in schools and create tougher laws. He has ordered the Texas Education agency to take action NOW. "Our schools must always be a safe place for learning," he wrote. "I have directed TEA staff to begin full implementation of his directives."

Our kids are our first priority it should be. Keeping them safe while in school is something when we were growing up we took for granted. Now they are speaking up and walking out to say " WE WANT TO FEEL SAFE "


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