NM man drove 10 hours to break into Austin Home


A Man from Albuquerque New Mexico, drove 10 hours all the way from New Mexico to Austin. His intentions are still unclear, but he was found to be trespassing in a famous You-tube stars here in Austin. Meg Turney is the You Tube star whose house the man broke into. Police are saying that Christopher Giles (Man from NM) was obsessed with Meg and had quite the resentment against her boyfriend Gavin Free. At 3:40am on Jan 26th the couple say they were woken up by a gunshot and broken glass. They immediately called 9-1-1 while they hid in their master closet. When officers responded, they found a sedan with a New Mexico license plate backing out of the driveway. That's when a single gunshot came from the sedan, and officers returned fire at the driver.

Giles was fatally shot but it is still unclear if the death was self inflicted or he was shot by Police. 

KVUE has the full story here

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