LaGrange Students hailed as heroes


Two LaGrange ISD students jumped into action last Thursday when their bus driver started having a medical emergency on a bridge over the Colorado River. Karson Vega - a 7th grader from LaGrange ISD and Kyler Buzek have been dubbed hero's when they sprang into action when they noticed their bus driver swerving. Immediately Karson jumped into the driver seat on the driver's lap and took control of the bus. He stated that the driver wouldn't move his feet so he shimmied his foot from the pedals and took control of the bus. They were driving on US-71 and didn't have a good spot to pull over, so Kyler took the kids to the back of the bus and called 9-1-1. While on the phone with police, Karson slowed the bus down as much as he could, and when police finally caught up with the bus, he found a place to safely stop, and all 6 kids and the driver were found safe and sound.

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