City Water Bills to be credited for False Readings

Water Meter

Over that past couple of years, Austin Energy has been sending out bills that seemed to be too high to be real. It has recently come out that Austin Meter readers were reading meters or recording them incorrectly. Which means 7,000 Austin Utility customers will be getting credits on their water bill over the next few years.

The city is stating that this happened during a period of time (August/September 2017) when it was changing vendors that read the water meters.  The city believes that 7,400 customers were impacted over the 2 month period.

"The customers who were affected will receive a credit on their bill, with the credit averaging $20 and not exceeding $80 in most instances. The city says the total credit due to the misreads will cost the city around $138,000. Customers should expect credits to be applied by mid-March."

Check out the full scoop here if you think you have an incorrect bill

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