Olympic Doctor sentenced to 175 years

Larry Nassar - Disgraced doctor that was already serving 60 years for child pornography was sentenced yesterday for molesting over 150 women during his time as a doctor, even for Olympians. This sick pup over many years used his position as a doctor to take photo's and sexually abuse women and children. He was picked up last year by police in Michigan after a local newspaper exposed his story once women started to call him out. For this case he was sentenced eventually for 60 years for having child abuse pictures on his computer. Judge Aquilina's sentence has been heard around the world and you can listen to it down here as well. She received a standing ovation in court after her verdict was read, stating it was her honor to make sure that he lives the rest of his life in darkness. As the #METOO movement moves forward more and more predators are being locked up, and I couldn't be happier!



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