BAHH. Goat Yoga is coming to Austin.

Goat Yoga has been growing in popularity since this Summer, and I gotta say, this is trend I want to jump on.

I've always had goats growing up, I even used to show with FFA when I was in school. 

I've been seeing artists jump on this, or more have something jump on them. My girl, Maren Morris, has been practicing balance with these little goats. 

While these little pygmis are super cute and the whole thing is hilarious, it's a positive way to practice balance and controlling your body. 

Goga is now launching in Austin this month! They have their first classes this Sunday, which are unfortunately sold out, but will be announcing regular classes later this month. 

Like thier FB page, and be the first to know when you get sign up for your first Goat Yoga class.

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