Rest easy, Harrison Brown, the Longhorn we lost.

A lot of times when bad things happen we read, 1 dead but still feel disconnected cause we just read "1". Instead of reading, Harrison Brown, kind UT student who loved singing, watching baseball, and his family more than anything. 

I sit here scrolling through Harrison's facebook. I didn't know the guy, but I've lost my share of friends to in my already short lived life. It's insane how precious life if and how quickly it can be taken away from you. 

I see the pictures of Harrison and his family and my heart breaks for his parents and his friends. 

During yesterdays horrific events, four people were stabbed. Three injured, one lost. That one is Harrison. The attacker has been arrested. But we are still all hurting from this.

Always tell your family you love them before leaving, hug your friends extra tight, and make the most of everyday. There's no need to hold grudges or waste time in this little life. Do the most you can with the one's you love. Hook em Horns, Texas. My heart is with the horns. 

The UT Counseling Center is over every weekday until 7pm. The UT Crisis Line is open 24/7 at  512-471-2255.

I know me and your don't personally know each other, buit I feel so connected to each of you. You can always message me if you want to vent, get a laugh, or just talk.

or Snapchat: yohannaho 

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