Johnny Depp surprises guests at Disneyland as Jack Sparrow

Can you imagine being on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and then all of sudden the REAL Jack Sparrow is walking around and talking to you?! Gosh i'd lose my mind. The animetronic Jack is already SO realistic to Johnny Depp, I'd be questioning if he was actually real or not haha.  I'd already be having the most magical day ever, cause I'm a Disney freak. Then to get on the iconic pirates ride to only be surprised with Johnny Depp, eyeliner and all, talking to you! He was in character the whole time, ofcourse. Disney is so amazing when it comes to making your favorite characters come to life. What lucky people. 

I'm pretty stoked for the new Pirates of the Caribbean to come out NEXT MONTH! 

Here's the trailer for the new pirates, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

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