After performing on Good Morning America, Zedd stops by to talk about his recent success and how he made his way to electronic music. Zedd shares that he grew up listening to rock metal and was a drummer in a metal band. After hearing a Justice album, it reminded him of Daft Punk, and described the sounds as "untouchable" and made him want to create those electronic sounds. Zedd spoke on trying to stay in the band while he was touring with acts such as Skrillex and DeadMau5, but didn't have enough time.

On making his Clarity album, Zedd says he wanted to write "timeless electronic music". Like his song "Festivals", he speaks on 'crossover music' that can be appreciated by non electronic music fans by the lyrics being relatable. Zedd recaps a festival that featured different genres, where he performed that song for a mixed crowd that became 'one' as all were able to appreciate it. As a producer, Zedd mentions the importance of knowing when to let go of trying to perfect details of songs and trust that if you love the song, most likely everyone else will.

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