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Hey Heath Ledger fans! I have some facts about the actor that you have never heard before! Here are just a few of them:

1. Heath and his sister Kate were named after the main characters in Wuthering Heights. 

2. He designed his own Joker make-up in The Dark Knight

3. He and future co-star Jake Gyllenhaal both auditioned for the role of Gabriel in The Patriot.

4. He LOVED English folk singer Nick Drake

5. During a kissing scene in Brokeback Mountain, he almost broke Gyllenhaal's nose. 

6. He described his home town Perth, Australia as, "the most isolated city in the world". 

7. His father Kim was a race car driver

8. His first big role was as a gay bicyclist in the Australian series Sweat.

9. His passion for dancing was inspired by his love for Gene Kelly.

10. He was Australia's Junior Chess Champion at the age of 10. 

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