Tweet Credit - @WNYT

I'm almost afraid to talk about this for the free that it might be a fake story. But I'm hearing that it's true! So there were three kids inside the house when it started to blow away. Two of the kids have been rushed to the hospital - one is 5 and the other is 6.

"Taylor Seymour, a resident of the apartment building where the accident occurred, said the wind picked the structure up and spun it around as if it was in a small tornado. One boy was thrown 30 or 40 feet northwest onto Ferry Boulevard, the other about 20 feet southeast, landing on the back of Seymour's car. The bounce house was at least 15 feet off the ground when the boys fell out."

And I know what you're thinking...why wasn't it staked down!? It was!!! That's how strong the wind was. Wow this is so insane! I hope the kids are going to be ok!! 

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