February 19th

Everyone has their own headphone or earbud preference. I'm still on the lookout for the best set for me. Cord Cruncher headphones are great if you are on the go especially if you are unorganized. With Cord Cruncher your headphones won't get tangled in your purse, backpack, or pocket!  Your headphones are stored inside of a plastic sleeve. When you want to use your headphones just pull them out to the desired length you need. When done pull each end of the sleeve and the headphones go back inside! Wrap it around your wrist, tie it in a knot, they won’t get tangled! Choose from 4 colors at $24.99 each.



Imagine you could tell the internet to do something for you and it does it. With If This Then That you can. Each request you use through IFTTT.com is called a “recipe”. The recipes that I have are “If it’s going to snow tomorrow then send me a text message the night before.” Another one that’s cool is “If someone tags me in a photo on Facebook then save it to my iOS iPhotos”. I have it send me daily emails with the top 10 news stories so I can stay up to date. All of this is FREE. Have fun making your own recipes or using other users'. Download the app for iPhone.