STUCK: You have to make a decision, but you are stuck between two decisions. Let Greg T help by making the decision for you.

CAR TRIP FROM HELL: Your family was driving you crazy, you wanted to kill your friends… what happened on your CAR TRIP FROM HELL?!?!

BUYING A MATTRESS: Greg T needs to buy a mattress, but he isn’t sure …. How long have you had your mattress? How many years does a mattress really last?

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: Greg T recently bumped into the Situation at a store and HE GOT IGNORED! Then Greg T tweeted the Situation, but he didn’t respond. What celebrity do you want to say, “Really, who do you think you are?”

FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM NAMES: It is that time of year again! Everyone is making up stupid Fantasy Football teams names like “Butt Fumblers”. What is your team name this year?