Rap Proposal

The crowd goes WILD when this guy unexpectedly proposes to his girlfriend in the middle of a rap battle! How romantic! 

Real Life Hero

Antonio is a young cancer survivor who got the surprise of a lifetime when a trailer about him played at the movie theater!

Harry Potter Goes To Penn Station!

An improv group sent an 11 year old boy dressed as Harry Potter to Penn Station to ask people how to get to Hogwarts. Looks like he had no luck finding platform 9 3/4! 

Impressive Beer Pong Shots

Check out Harry Wright from New Zealand's crazy submission for the "ESPN Trick Shot Your Way to the NBA" competition.

Facebook Prank

We all have Facebook friends that we don't actually know. This prankster decided to show up at some of these strangers' homes to ask if they still wanted to be "friends"...