Listen to on iHeartRadio | Listen to Arty on iHeartRadio | Listen to Mat Zo on iHeartRadio has premiered a number of new songs on YouTube from his new album #willpower, and among them is a track called "Let's Go" featuring Chris Brown. If you're a dance music fan, and more secifically a trance fan, you would instantly recognize the melody as soon as the song begins to play. That's because it's identical to a collaboration from label Anjunabeats called "Rebound" by producers/DJs Arty and Mat Zo. featuring Chris Brown - "Let's Go"

Arty & Mat Zo - "Rebound"

This caused quite a controversey in the dance music community, and upset many of the fans. The facts are still unclear, as nothing out of's camp has been put out there. However, Chris Brown has tweeted, "I don't even know who mat zo Or arty is? I ain't got s*** to do wit if ur mad or not. Someone asked for a feature on a record and I did it."

Arty took to Twitter, claiming that the only people who have rights to "Rebound" is the label Anjunabeats.

Mat Zo has deleted his Twitter account but posted on Facebook, "Will Im Not..." Later on he says: 

"(Im really glad I deleted my twitter account so that I'm not inclined to say what I'm about to say in under 140 characters)

I really and truely appreciate all the support you are giving me and Arty in response to Will I Am's copyright infringement. However, this doesnt excuse the horrific abuse youre sending the way of Will I Am and Chris Brown, and it especially doesnt excuse being racist.

Thank you"

The label, Anjunabeats, has confirmed that they had no prior knowledge of using "Rebound," and have tweeted that they are looking into it.

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