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When it comes to dance music, Tiesto is one of the biggest names in the game. In nearly 20 years of making people dance he's created some of the biggest dance floor anthems in the world, aside from releasing several albums and performing countless shows at the biggest clubs and festivals in the world - he even performed at the 2004 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in Athens, Greece. 

The legendary DJ just released his fifth artist album A Town Called Paradise, his first since 2009 and not only includes recent songs, but songs he actually created a few years ago. He tells iHeartRadio "I mean a couple of songs I finished recently, and a couple of songs I already finished two years ago. Like 'The Feeling,' with Ou Est le Swimming Pool, is an older song, but it still sounds so great. And also with 'Echoes,' featuring Andreas Moe. Those two songs are the oldest ones on the album, but it's still great. I'm so happy that those songs are timeless because sometimes songs get older after a couple of years, but these songs are just still there and still on the same level as everything else."

Just coming off of an epic weekend in Sin City at Electric Daisy Carnival, Tiesto is set to make a splash in Miami at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party this weekend, alongside Jennifer Lopez, Neon Trees, Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, and Magic!. 

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Tiesto recently stopped by iHeartRadio HQ where he gave us some tips to conquering Las Vegas like a pro. The city has become a special place for Tiesto. With a residency at one of the city's hottest nightclubs Hakkasan, he's there often - so often in fact, at this point he's a pro when it comes to Vegas.

One overall piece of advice on Las Vegas from Tiesto: "Be open minded to do anything you want."

Check out the rest of his pro-tips below:

Pro-tip #1 - The place to go for the deadliest drinks:

Tiësto: Well, you would go to a bar called Twin Peaks. It's an amazing sports bar. You can watch the games and they have the coldest beer in the world. You can see actually the temperature go up and down. It's a great place.

Pro-tip #2 - The hidden gem of Las Vegas:

Tiësto: It's actually the best Thai food restaurant in America. It's called the Lotus of Siam. It's 10 minutes off the strip and it looks a pretty average kind of place from the outside. But the food is absolutely the best Thai food you can eat!

Pro-tip #3 - The best time to hit the casino:

Tiësto: I like to go when it's slow so you have the whole table for yourself, so I would say the best time to go is probably around two o'clock in the afternoon 'til five or six. I love to play roulette. I like numbers and it's so exciting when the ball drops in. It's my favorite game to play. I only play numbers. I don't play red or black. But I do like the black numbers more than the red ones. You should definitely avoid gambling when you're drunk. It's not a good idea. You will always lose.

Pro-tip #4 - The place you shouldn't leave Las Vegas without seeing:

Tiësto: There are so many. There is so much stuff to do, so many things to see. I really like the old side of town, the old Vegas. They just renovated a lot of buildings and they have a whole new hipster area. It's really cool. They have amazing bars, amazing drinks. Yeah, the old town is something you have to see before you leave.

Pro-tip #5 - The best place to get your dance on:

Tiësto: The best place to get your dance on is Hakkasan. It's at the MGM and I think it's the biggest club in the world now. It's amazing every time I play there. There's always great DJs on the weekends and they have a restaurant downstairs, as well, with amazing food, amazing duck with caviar, very fancy. The duck is the best thing to get there.

Pro-tip #6 - The best place to go for after hours:

Tiësto: For after hours the best place is to go either my place or to Drai's [nightclub]. That's been a great after hours. But my place is better!

Pro-tip #7 - The best place to cool off: 

Tiësto: Well, they have an ice bar [Minus 5 Ice Bar at The Monte Carlo]. It's amazing to have drinks there to cool off. It's freezing, but it's a lot of fun. That's the best place to cool off.

Check out Tiesto's single "Wasted" featuring Matthew Koma below!

Photos: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio