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UPDATE: In a statement, Daft Punk reps deny the claims allegedly made by Pharrell in the New York Post, according to the Huffington Post

Huffington post also reports that Pharrell's reps say that the singer "neither said he would tour with Daft Punk, nor claimed they were touring."

This doesn't mean that the duo will never tour. We can only imagine that they will grace the stage with their robot selves sooner or later. When that is? We'll just have to wait and see!


With their new album Random Access Memories coming out in just a couple of weeks, it only seems natural that Daft Punk would plan a tour to support their new record. Well, that theory may not be too far off.

Pharrell Williams, who collaborated with the French duo on the their track that is sweeping the world "Get Lucky," tells the New York Post's Page 6 that he will be touring with Daft Punk. But he also says that they won't be hitting the road together until "next year."

Could this be true? We'll wait for official word from the DP camp, but if they are touring next year, there is no telling what a Daft Punk comeback tour will be like! The robot excitement continues.

Daft Punk's Random Access Memories comes out on May 21st. The album's lead single, featuring Pharrell, "Get Lucky," has been dominating the charts, sitting at no. 14 on the Hot 100, and is still no. 1 on Beatport. 

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