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At only 19 years old, Madeon is one of the most talented producers in dance music and beyond. With original tracks supported by guys like Pete Tong, he has also worked with musicians like Ellie Goulding, Two Door Cinema Club, and even Lady Gaga for her new album ARTPOP. With so many amazing accomplishments at a young age, the future is nothing but bright for Madeon.

We got to hang out Madeon at Electric Zoo in New York. He talked to us about his new music, working with Lady Gaga, what's next for him, and revealed who he would love to work with! Check it out below:

Tell us about "Technicolor?" It's doing really well, and Pete Tong is playing it on his "All Gone Pete Tong" show on Evolution.

I kinda wanted to just do a track for myself, you know, initially. So I was really surprised that people liked it. I wanted to use a longer structure to lbe able to take my time, and tell a story, and have a narrative in the track. So it took a lot of time. It took me I think about 8 months from start to finish, and I just put it out because I started playing it at shows, and people asked for it. And then it did really well! It stayed in the like top three of Beatport for like a week. Then DJs started playing it, which was a really nice surprise for me. And the fan reaction has been great as well. So, you know, I was really happily surprised.

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Tell us about the song you just produced for Two Door Cinema Club?

Yes, I did. It's a new single called "Changing of the Seasons." It's out in late September, and I've just been a fan of them for along time. It [was] really really fun to be able to be involved in that song, and the reaction seems to be really good as well. The radio is playing it, and that's what you want.

You also have a song with Ellie Golding, "Stay Awake," on her Halcyon Days album?

Yeah, well I'm trying to do songs for myself, and then work with artists that I like. So you know I've worked with Two Door Cinema Club, [with] Ellie Goulding on this track. I worked with Lady Gaga on her new album. So all kinds of projects I find really exciting.

How was it working with Lady Gaga for her new album ARTPOP?

Amazing. I'm actually not really allowed to say much, but what I will say is that she is fantastic. She is as good as you think she is.

What other music do you like to listen to outside of electronic music?

Well I listen to a lot of music from pop to really really underground electro. But I guess lately I've been listening to the Beatles a lot. There was a period of my life where I only listened to Beatles, for like a year. I'm a massive fan and lately I've been getting really back into it again. And so I'm kind of listening to Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour in right now. But I keep on changing my mind about which is my favorite. Some days its the White, some days it's Revolver, some day it's Abbey Road. So you know I keep on changing my mind.

How is it being so young in this industry?

Well, this DJ thing is all a ruse. I just wanted to be allowed into clubs. That's the only reason I'm doing it! [He was kidding of course] No, obviously, I find it quite funny. The way it affects my approach to DJing is that, I've never been to a club before I started playing. So my first experience into a club was a performer. So as such, I really I guess, [I had] a really naive take on it. And on DJing, I learned a lot from these shows and I tried to implement my production knowledge into my DJing.

What's next? Do you have new music on the way?

I'm putting out new music. I may or may not have played some stuff tonight. I think I'm gonna release an EP next, and I'd like to do an album after that. So this is kind of my plan right now. Do a lot of shows, work with artists I love, and then release my album. That's kind of my plan for the next couple of years.

Is there anyone that you really want to work with?

Paul McCartney! Give me a call.

Well since we are at Electric Zoo if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I'm gonna say a majestic lion, with like a silver lining and is like just looking roaring at the giant crowd, just proper you know. 

Photo by Nacho Ricci