As one of Revealed Recordings' rising stars, Dannic has taken the dance music world by storm. His music is supported by well-known and talented DJs like Fedde Le Grand, Axwell, and of course, Hardwell, - and it looks like he's not stopping there! When we caught up with him during Miami Music Week, he told us what's coming for him in 2013, what it's like working with Hardwell, and more! 

How would you describe your music?

I think my music is in between progressive house and house music. I always tend to keep it [a] more bouncy/tech-y feeling. It’s usually described as in between Fedde Le Grand and Hardwell. So it has to be groovy, it has to be danceable, that’s really important for me.

Tell us about your track “Clobber?” It’s been getting some pretty big support.

Yeah, I was a bit surprised by that because for me, it was a big thing [that] it was being released on Toolroom, which is of course a big label. And I never expected [the track] to get so high because, yeah, it’s a cool track. But for me it was more like a track in between, a more [of a] tool to play in my sets, because I missed a track like that. But I’m super, filled to here, to hear that Axwell is playing it, and like all the big guys, and Fedde’s playing it.

What was it like having “W.O.P.” as the Riverdance Festival Anthem?

Yeah, they asked me to do a track for [it], which was one of my first festivals I did in Holland back then – which is only a year ago! It was a really big honor, and I was just finishing that track. I was like yeah, it’s suitable, it’s got the festival feeling and a good drop.

Can we expect to hear some new tracks soon? Some were already premiered at Ultra over the weekend (weekend 1)!

Yeah definitely! I can’t tell much about it, but there is definitely some new originals coming up. I got six new tracks coming up, one vocal track, and five tracks that are nearly finished. But I’m going to premiere them tonight at Mansion at the Hardwell presents Revealed party.

Are you excited for the Revealed party?

Yeah, I’m really excited because it’s like the first time I’m going to play. So it’s really going to be a big test to [see] how the crowd is going to react.

Is there anything else you’re working on at the moment, besides those six tracks?

Those six tracks yeah, I’m going to do some new remixes. There are a lot of collabs coming up, or not a lot. Of course I did the collab with Jordy Dazz, [and] we’re working on a new one, a new track. And of course, one with Hardwell. It’s still not finished, but we’re getting there. It’s going to be a big track, but we want to take our time. It’s not like I’m feeling rushed to do anything or pushed to do anything soon.

What is it like working with Hardwell?

Actually, he’s just my best friend. So we’ve been friends and we share the same passion with music. Of course, I’m honored that he’s getting so big and it’s been great for him. But we’re still like two friends talking about music, and it’s great!

What has been the best part of Miami so far or what are you looking forward to the most while you’re here?

Of course the beach, because I’m really a beach person! I love it, and definitely all of the pool parties. It’s a great atmosphere and people are really into the music, and I love being here and playing here.

Just looking at your tour schedule, you’re on the road a lot. What has been your best memory from touring?

That’s a difficult question because I have a lot! Because it’s only been a year that I’ve been 100% dedicated to doing what I do now. And it’s only been a year that I’m actually touring a lot, because I used to play, back in the day back in Holland, in a small club and small bar. Now I’m really starting to do what I love to do, which is playing my own tracks and playing music for people.

What is your guilty Pleasure?

My guilty pleasure! Wow! It’s that I love M&M’s. That’s a really guilty pleasure. I can’t stop eating them when I start. That’s definitely something you’ll find in my closet back home.

Photos by Nicole Mastrogiannis