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Katy Perry isn't as popular as she was two years ago - at least according GHD, the beauty company that's looking to drop her from an endorsement deal. 

According to "TMZ," the British hair care line has filed a two-million dollar preemptive lawsuit against the singer over some disagreements about the end of her contract.  GHD says Perry's people threatened to sue after the the company decided against renewing her contract, which started in 2011. 

Katy's side claims the star deserves the two-million dollars she was promised in an oral agreement before being dropped out of the blue.  The company decided to strike first, asking the court to block the singer's camp from filing a lawsuit. 

But Katy's rep says GHD's lawsuit is "an attempt to embarrass" Katy with "defamatory statements" and that they also plan to take legal action if the company doesn't pay up.  They also say GHD is backing out of the deal over "an ownership change" that has nothing to do with Katy's star power. 

Photo Credit Getty Images & GHD