LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles County Department of Children and  Family Services failed to provide about $1.8 million in child support and other  payments owed to foster kids after they reached adulthood and left the system,  according to a new audit.

The department also has been sitting on $7.2 million in funds that were  supposed to have been spent on behalf of foster children but were instead held  in reserve, according to the audit cited in the Los Angeles Daily News. The  agency is now required to come up with a plan to spend the money.

In a report to the county Board of Supervisors, Acting Auditor- Controller John Naimo said DCFS was first notified about the discrepancy back  in 2002 but failed to correct it.

``DCFS needs to ensure Child Support Trust Fund monies are returned to  former foster care children," he wrote, according to the Daily News.

DCFS Director Philip Browning said in a letter that the department  ``generally agrees" with the recommendations and has taken ``appropriate  corrective actions."

The California Department of Child Support Services collects child  support payments from parents on behalf of foster kids, calculates how much  should be used to offset foster care costs, and sends that amount to the DCFS.  If DCFS does not spend the entire sum, the remainder is placed in a trust fund  for foster kids to collect upon leaving the system.

Some former foster children have been owed money since 1998, the Daily  News reported.