A couple in Utah has sued an online retailer who fined them for a negative review.

In 2008 John and Jen Palmer ordered items from KlearGear.com. They never got them, so they posted a bad review of the company online.

KlearGear then charged them 35 hundred dollars, claiming the couple violated a non disparagement clause in their contract which "prohibits [customers] from taking any action that negatively impacts KlearGear.com."

The Palmers claim KlearGear was blackmailing them and has hurt their credit rating. Advocacy group Public Citizen filed the suit on behalf of the couple, asking for 75 thousand dollars and to keep similar clauses out of KlearGear's contracts in the future.

Public Citizen also noted that the non-disparagement clause was not in effect when the Palmers bought the items from KlearGear.

--Rob Archer