IRVINE (CNS) - Charges were dismissed today against a retired 25-year veteran of the Orange County Fire Authority who pleaded guilty to stealing $40 from a captain's wallet at the Irvine station.

The dismissal of the charges was part of the plea bargain Gregory Mark Konishi, 49, struck with prosecutors in May. Konishi, of Rancho Santa Margarita, pleaded guilty in May to two misdemeanor counts each of second- degree burglary and petty theft.

The case was dismissed because Konishi finished a “life skills” class that focused on theft issues and because he stayed out of trouble before sentencing today, according to Deputy District Attorney Brett Brian, who negotiated the plea deal with Konishi.

Konishi agreed to pay about $200 in restitution to his co-worker, a fire captain he worked with who was his friend, Brian said.

When the captain noticed money missing from his wallet he set up a “snoop camera” and called police when he caught Konishi stealing, Brian said.

According to police, Konishi stole $40 on two separate occasions.

Konishi was arrested Nov. 8 and retired the following month, OCFA Division Chief Kris Concepcion said.