The L.A. City Attorney says his office will ask to temporarily stop a court order against the LAPD's lenient vehicle impound rules for some unlicensed drivers.

City Attorney Mike Feuer says a request for a stay from the state's 2nd District Appelate Court may be filed as soon as today.

If granted, it would allow the LAPD to return to its Special Order 7 policy of discouraging officers from impounding for 30 days cars driven by certain unlicensed drivers.

Feuer says he plans to argue aggressively to protect the policy, that he says was already cleared as legal by the California Attorney General.

"The lower court respected but disagreed with the Attorney General's analysis," Feuer said Wednesday.  "We respect the lower court but believe that that interpretation was wrong."

An L.A. Superior Court judge threw out the LAPD policy last month, finding it was confusing for officers and was in conflict with state law.

30-day impounds were designed by the legislature to punish drivers caught without a valid license, insurance, or registration.

L.A.'s fight in appeals court may be moot in January when California begins issuing driver licenses to people in the U.S. illegally.

-- Eric Leonard at L.A. City Hall (@leonardfiles)