The man accused of going on a shotgun shooting spree over five days that left four dead and several others wounded has appeared in court in San Fernando Wednesday, but his arraignment on murder and attempted murder charges was postponed until September.

Alexander Hernandez, 34, was led into court wearing a yellow jail shirt, his hands shackled at the waist.

He peered into the gallery of the courtroom through a slim horizontal break in the courtroom lockup during the brief appearance, in which he said only, “yes, sir,” and, “yes,” in response to the judge’s questions about delaying the hearing.

Hernandez faces charges related to one murder August 21 and two attempted murders August 22, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, but authorities say they expect many additional counts to be filed in the coming days.

Superior Court Judge Michael O’Gara ordered news photographers and a courtroom sketch artist not to record or show Hernandez’s face or identifying marks, citing the ongoing police investigation.

Hernandez had a goatee and shaved head and appeared to have several unique marks or tattoos.

-- Eric Leonard (@LeonardFiles) at San Fernando Court