Justin Bieber really shared how he feels about his fans while hanging out on his balcony in Toronto.  No, he did not profess his love for them instead, he spit on them! 

It is being reported that Justin Bieber and his friends were spitting from their hotel balcony onto adoring fans below! (Um… EW!)

Maybe his fans collected the spit and are planning to sell it for good money?  Whatever they plan on doing with his DNA, Justin shouldn’t have done that.  His Beliebers are his lifeline!

Who do you think is buying all those concert tickets and Bieber merchandise?! This was truly a display of ungratefulness on Justin’s part.

As the whole thing was going down Justin took to Instagram to film the fans below who were being showered with saliva.

You would think his fans would get mad, but instead they are still by his side supporting him.  Who knows what Justin will throw off his balcony next…hopefully it wont be coming out of another hole, if you know what we mean. Yikes!



Source: Instagram

Thumbnail Source: Getty Images