Elvis Duran listeners were treated to the WORLD PREMIERE of Enrique Iglesias’ NEW song "Turn the Night Up"!

Though the Latin Hottie isn’t a newbie to the music biz, he still gets nervous about releasing a new track. He shared his worries with us, "You know how people are going to react to I and you put so much love into it, so much work into it and it all comes down to that second.” He continued, “[I’ve lost weight] from the stress of the album.”

How does he know when it’s going to be a hit? Enrique puts his songs through a special test. “The ultimate test for me is once I write a song… I’ll go to sleep, wake-up in the morning and I’ll play it. If it feels good, if it puts me in a good mood, that’s when I know there is something special,” he confessed.

Listen and let us know what you think! We’re thinking this is going to be a Summer 2013 (and beyond) MEGA HIT! 












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