People on Facebook can be so ANNOYING, but we're addicted so we'll never give it up. These are our top 5 most offensive sins people make on the popular social network.

  1. Overly Depressed Status’

We all have this friend. They are always down on their luck. Their job sucks. Their significant other is inattentive. People are rude.

WE FREAKING GET IT ALREADY… they hate life and nothing will ever change that!

Unfriend? YES



  1. Overly Happy Status’

Life is beautiful. Their dinner was amazing. Their friends are THE BEST.

Does this person know no hardship? They update every five seconds about how COOL everything is ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Unfriend? No, just block their status updates!



  1. POSTS ABOUT CHILDREN: Status’, Photos, Video

We get it! You love your children, your parents love your children, your siblings love your children…. You have the best kids in the world, but WE DON’T CARE.

The photo of your kid on the toilet? BARF. The video of them putting Play Dough up their nose? NOT CUTE.

It’s called Facebook, not BABY BOOK!

Unfriend? No, just don’t like ANYTHING they post about their kids for your own personal boycott. When you have kids you’ll probably do the same thing.



  1. Oversharing Your Love Life

“I love you so much baby…can’t wait to see you tonight! Missing you so much right now.”

“MWAH, kisses for my best guy. He is so wonderful. Treats me like a Princess! Loving life.”

“Only the best girl friends in the world celebrate Steak and B* Day! Hannah is sooo sexy.”

PUL-EEZE. Just because we’re home watching “Pawn Stars” on a Friday night with a bottle of wine doesn’t mean you are better than us! Over sharing your love life is offensive to all people, single or not.

Unfriend? YES


  1. Daily Selfie Posts

Ever heard of Instagram? Keep your selfies off of Facebook, they’re just embarrassing.

Selfies only prove:

  1. You’ve gained weight
  2. You have an ugly outfit on
  3. Are only attractive with a filter on your face
  4. You’re desperate for compliments
Unfriend? No, just feel sorry for them.


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